Cybercrime is one of Law Enforcement’s top missions and an  ALW Consults practice focus. It does not discriminate amongst men, women and children. It is a horrendous reality that affects our everyday physical and mental well-being. It destroys families and manipulates relationships. Cybercrime is a disgusting and ferocious destroyer of all decency, values and the common good. It is a crime and punishable by law. 

I don’t even like the word ‘victim’ but thankfully, law enforcement, like the FBI and Florida Department of Law Enforcement help victims of cybercrime at and many of us are cyber crime victims and don’t even report because of fear of retaliation from bullies.

Cybercrime appears in the form of text messages, websites, images, social media, graphics, and all sorts of pins, and sophisticated computer tech data manipulation. 

Who are cybercrime perpetrators? They  can be your friends, co- workers, family members, mean girls, board members, socialites, social media friends, strangers, unknowns and even scarier— made up identities.

What can you do? You have power to call law enforcement, hire an attorney and exercise every remedy available to you under law. Cybercrime is punished by criminal and civil remedies. 

Cybercriminals will face prison time and civil restitution. This office does not tolerate cybercrime. 

Anne L. Weintraub, Esquire

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