Building Our Professional Network

Building our Professional Network

Let’s Work Together

It is my honor to collaborate with a variety of attorneys both here in Florida and across the country.

The professionals in my network are trusted colleagues who bring a high level of both expertise and commitment to client service. We share the same values and passion for doing what is best for those who rely on us.

If you and I don’t already have a working relationship and you would like to be added to my network of collaborating partners, I welcome you to introduce yourself.

Collaboration Opportunities Available for those Who Meet These Criteria

Members of the Florida Bar

  • Must be a Member in Good Standing

Members of Outside Jurisdictions

  • Must be in accordance & compliance with The Florida Bar

All Professionals

  • Must have Proof of Insurance*
  • Professional Accountability
  • Attitude of Excellence
  • Service-Oriented Mindset

*Insurance subject to review by Anne L. Weintraub.


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