Real Estate Discipline Cases

Real Estate Professional Discipline Cases

When the Florida Real Estate Commission or the Florida Real Estate Appraisal Board choose to discipline a realtor or appraiser, there may be an opportunity to dispute the sanctions. If the very actions of a realtor intended to benefit the client are misinterpreted as a member’s breach of a fiduciary duty or as a violation of the MLS rules or Code of Ethics we will review the facts and help you resolve the issue.

Whether it’s an initial hearing on the merits of a complaint or an appeal to a decision calling for disciplinary action, we work diligently to argue your case in the best possible light.

What are the Possible Sanctions?

Some of the most common examples of administrative penalties include:

Censure/Reprimand: In some cases, a real estate professional could be publicly censured or publicly reprimanded for alleged misconduct. While censure/reprimand could be the only sanction issued by a regulator, these penalties often come in conjunction with other administrative enforcement action.

Civil Fines: Real estate commissions across the states have the legal authority to levy financial penalties against real estate professionals. A real estate agent or real estate salesperson could potentially be fined by their state’s commission through an administrative proceeding. The failure to pay a civil fine will usually lead to the suspension or revocation of a real estate license.

Suspension: A real estate professional could have their license temporarily suspended. Generally, there are two types of suspension: definite and indefinite. If a real estate agent is suspended for a defined period — for example, if they are suspended for 30 days — then their real estate license will automatically be reinstated once the suspension period ends.

Revocation: Real estate brokers could also face a license revocation, which is much harsher than a suspension. In most cases, a real estate license will only be revoked in an administrative disciplinary proceeding if there is compelling evidence that there was serious misconduct on the part of the agent.


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