This article is for the purpose of crime prevention and public safety. I applaud all business owners who take precautions to protect their property, team members, customers, clients and the public. I am not a member of law enforcement and this article is not written in association with law enforcement. In fact, it is based on my experiences as a customer in various businesses around the Country.
When I mention the word ‘business’ I include everything from ‘mom and pops’ to sophisticated operations. In my personal opinion, there are a couple of ways to assist in protecting your team and the public. Even though I write this article, security experts may think my recommendations are common knowledge. Some business owners may think my recommendations are an overreaction.

Here are my recommendations, as a customer, member of The Florida Bar and concerned human. I am also a former waitress who has a keen sense of human behavior after 43 years. I believe it’s not specific to geographic location. I think human behavior is unpredictable. I am not a psychologist. I am a lawyer.

  1. Review your current security plan at least every six months with law enforcement. Law enforcement will be happy to help you to prevent crimes rather than to respond to them.
  2. If you are uncomfortable calling law enforcement, hire a security expert. There are plenty of well-credentialed retired FBI agents available around the Country for consultation. You may contact the FBINCAA for a recommendation. This is a non-profit organization separate and apart from the FBI. Additionally, there are local private investigation agencies who are well-credentialed and experienced. Before you hire them, please know who you are hiring to be sure they are who they say they are.
  3. Check to make sure you have the proper insurance coverage in place for your business to protect you, as the owner, in the case a crime, act of negligence or any unexpected event takes place on your property. Do not assume, if you rent, that your landlord’s policy covers you. Have an attorney review your policy. Choose someone who is experienced in reviewing insurance coverage. Lawyers for insurance companies do not represent you. They represent INSURANCE COMPANIES.
  4. Please be sure the exterior areas of the business are WELL-LIT for safety purposes. If not, please be sure to contact your landlord, municipality or other governing body for assistance. I also suggest bullet-proof glass is considered as a precautionary measure for additional safety. I also suggest hiring off-duty police officers, when recommended by a security expert as referenced in Step 2 herein,
  5. Make sure you have trauma counseling in place. If a crime is committed, you and your team members will be in shock and will need therapy. It is an even better idea to give team members access to free mental health services in advance. Mental health includes anxiety resources. There are many free mental health resources. The National Alliance Of Mental Illness provides free mental health programs and services throughout the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. There is no excuse for anyone to be alone.
  6. Should you have questions regarding any resources mentioned in this article, please see:,, FLOIR.COM, FBINCAAA and for cases. Do not apprehend a suspect yourselves. Call 911 if you’re in danger.