concierge attorney Anne Weintraub

Concierge Attorney Anne Weintraub

When you need an attorney to talk to about medical malpractice and real estate issues, concierge attorney Anne Weintraub brings her commitment to service, zealous advocacy, care, concern, compassion, and accountability.



When appropriate, your case may be referred to another attorney.



Your Solution Starts with Our First Conversation

The best first step on the journey to the resolution of a sticky legal problem is to understand the core issues and principles at stake.

This is the advantage of working with your concierge attorney Anne Weintraub. She gives her undivided attention to your issue and seeks wholeheartedly to solve your problem.

When the situation calls for an attorney with specific experience, she matches you with a co-counsel so that you have two attorneys (for the price of one) working to resolve your case.

I began concierge lawyering in 2004 in my first year of practice. I am an attorney who is responsive and believes in exceptional client service.  Clients deserve talent, empowerment, and hope to resolve their legal issues. I am a solutions-oriented attorney who is focused on client advancement. Time is of the essence in every legal matter. I believe every client deserves access to justice and if they need me, I should be available.

 — Anne

Is a Concierge Attorney Right for You?

When you want more flexible access to legal advice, a concierge attorney is available to you during and after regular hours by phone, text, or video chat.

Unhurried, thorough communication is invaluable. Even when your specialized case is referred to a co-counsel attorney,  Anne Weintraub serves as your advocate providing in-depth clarification, updates, and answers to any question you have about your situation.

Working with Concierge Attorney Anne Weintraub

I identify legal issues for potential clients with matters in the State of Florida.  My practice model is based on service, zealous advocacy, care, concern, compassion, and accountability.

Transparency is required from the start of my relationships with clients. When we meet, I will gather the information necessary to determine the core issues pertaining to your situation, the laws, and the statutes of limitation that will guide us forward.

As a Member of The Florida Bar, I provide each potential client with the access to justice they need. Sometimes this means you are matched with a co-counsel attorney and we collaborate for your resolution.

I have been working with Anne for many years now and have used her legal expertise for multiple issues. She is always compassionate and available to lend a hand. What I appreciate most about Anne is her responsiveness as that is something that you do not easily find in the legal profession.  – Client testimonial on Martindale


Schedule a Consultation

Information shared here will identify the core issue, urgency, and a framework to understand how to proceed. You benefit from keen analysis and a plan.


Move Toward a Solution

Some issues are less complex than others. Whatever you face, your path will be supported by frequent communication and complete attention to the details of your case.

Know You Are Fully Supported

Anne Weintraub will remain by your side and at your disposal until your situation is resolved. There is no better feeling than knowing someone has your back.