Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Concierge Attorney?

A concierge attorney is committed to a heightened level of service, flexibility, and accessibility.

You can expect a concierge attorney to:

  • Provide unhurried initial consultation to assess your legal problem
  • Match you with an attorney in your specific area
  • Provide frequent updates as often as you need
  • Available evenings, weekends (outside of regular hours)
  • Provide unprompted communication and check-ins with you to ensure proper case flow
  • Spend as much tune as needed to provide clarification on your case
  • Help you negotiate attorneys’ fees and advise on the best way to spend your legal dollars
  • Available by phone, email, text and video chat
  • Act as your second set of eyes and ears to help manage your attorney and oversee your case
  • Facilitate document signing, transfer and explanation
  • Provide further clarification on attorney’s legal advice, strategy, and case status
  • Fees are flat for consultations
  • If the suit is filed, fees vary based on the case
  • Under certain circumstances, fees are awarded by law

Under The Florida Bar Rules, attorneys are permitted to enter co-counsel relationships. A co-counsel is an attorney who assists in or shares the responsibility of representing a client.  Often clients are better served with the power of two firms at no cost difference, when appropriate.