Frequently Asked Questions

  • Fees are flat for consultations
  • If suit is filed, fees vary based on the case
  • Under certain circumstances, fees are awarded by law

I began concierge lawyering in 2004 in my first year of practice. I am an attorney who is responsive and believes in exceptional client service.  Clients deserve talent, empowerment and hope to resolve their legal issues. I am a solutions-oriented attorney who is focused on client advancement. Time is of the essence in every legal matter. I believe every client deserves access to justice and if if they need me, I should available.

Under The Florida Bar Rules, attorneys are permitted to enter co-counsel relationships. I feel clients are better served with the power of two firms at no cost difference to clients, when appropriate. 

We understand the importance of easy bill pay and accept the following methods of payment:

-American Express
-Apple Pay