Frequently Asked Questions

All fees are flat to encourage communication without fear of out-of-control billing. Out-of-pocket costs the client pays are travel, hotel and incidental expenses.

Assembling teams of attorneys and other professionals related to: family, civil litigation, criminal, real estate, bankruptcy, corporate, professional
ethics, medical malpractice defense, personal injury, estate planning, employment, Securities Law/FINRA, ERISA, Intellectual Property, Media,
Environmental, Entertainment, Sports, Administrative, Constitutional, Association, Workers’ Compensation, Tax, Consumer, Appellate, Aviation and
Local Government.

Yes. Anne is available for hire to speak on a variety of legal and non-legal topics. She is sought after for her quick and easy responses to very difficult questions.

Yes. Anne loves to write on a variety of legal and non-legal topics.

I’m an attorney who speaks human and actually enjoys working with people. I think legal matters are unnecessarily stressful, so people roll over instead of moving forward. They need an attorney who understands attorneys and law to assist.

No. Each client has a unique set of facts. The flat fee is based on time, level of complexity and unique factors applicable to each matter.

It’s very difficult to live elsewhere and have no understanding of Florida law nor know what to do. Here are a few examples: loved ones die in Florida. Accidents happen here. You may be involved in a dispute in a Florida court. It could be that you’re purchasing a new home or commercial investment, appointed to take care of someone who is ill here, or won the lottery in Florida. These are some simple examples- the list goes on and on.