The practice of law does not conveniently occur between Monday through Friday.  Clients do need attention on nights, holidays and weekends when tragedies, business and other events occur without notice. It is not easy for me  to turn off the phone when someone is crying from the scene of an accident or excited to complete a transaction. 

It’s hard to say no to a vulnerable individual who has no voice and when possible, I fulfill pro-bono requests by volunteering in non-profit service through many organizations in this area and beyond in my capacity as a human being, donor and voluntary advisor. 

I know nothing is ‘easy’ and law is complicated, but I do believe the process can be simplified with transparency. We do have rules governing the practice of law to help the public.  It is up to me as an attorney  to communicate effectively with my clients so we can make everyone’s lives easier. Legal issues are definitely not easy, but our reactions to the issues are critical. 

Our goal is not the problem. Our goal is what’s the solution? That’s what matters.

I’m hopeful each day to contribute my part in this world to assist others to find some clarity in this tough world of legal confusion. The morning can start with real estate, bankruptcy, estate planning, personal injury and the afternoon can get into medical malpractice, employment, family law and sometimes, intellectual property.

The legal world is evolving, fascinating and I’m enjoying the journey.  I truly believe service matters. When life happens, response is necessary.

Some of the ways I have prepared my practice to improve service for clients is to provide:

  • user-friendly payment methods. I want clients to use PayPal, Discover, MasterCard, and other simplified payment methods for convenience.

At the same time, I understand credit cards are not beneficial for everyone, so we do accept wires to our operating account.

  • Under the  rules of The Florida Bar, I am permitted to accept flat fees when applicable or accept fees as outlined under the Bar rules and as further provided in the Bar’s consumer pamphlet which accompanies each one of my fee agreements to my clients.
  • I don’t maintain ‘bricks and mortar’ so I come to you. That means I am available where you are. I can Zoom and use other communication methods to communicate.
  • I believe business should come to customers. Customers shouldn’t have to work hard to engage businesses. I think as a business owner, I earn relationships.
  • When applicable, I will work with attorneys as co-counsel if I feel I am competent to do so and if permissible under the bar rules.
  • I will not enter into a co-counsel relationship if I am unfamiliar with my peer, uninformed and do not meet the rules of competency as outlined by the Florida Bar.
  • I also believe client communication should be per the attorney and client’s comfort zone and so, I strive to accommodate client requests for their preferred communication methods.
  • Some clients prefer online communication while others like phone, email and various methods. I will accommodate preferred client communication methods and the methods are included in the fee agreement.
  • I definitely don’t think there is a ‘perfect’ attorney nor ‘perfect’ client, but I do think I am responsible for my own practice model, which is concierge service.
  • I will accommodate clients in a service-oriented model and treat them in the way I would want to be treated and in the fashion I expect from my own attorneys.
  • I definitely think each attorney feels differently and we each run our practices differently.
  • For me, I love representing my clients and working with my peers who are talented in their areas of practice, caring and truly concerned about their clients.