Anne L. Weintraub

I am from New Jersey and was admitted to the Florida Bar in 2004. I identify issues for potential clients with matters in the State of Florida. My practice model is based on service, zealous advocacy, care, concern, compassion and accountability. I believe transparency is required from the start of my relationships. 


As a Member of The Florida Bar, I provide each potential client with the access to justice they need via the The Florida Bar. It is important for the Public to understand the difference between The Florida Bar and me. The Public may contact The Florida Bar at There is a section for the Public. 


The Public has the right to choose any Member of the Bar in the entire State of Florida who is an attorney in Good Standing and verified by lawyer regulation and peer reviews.


I am an attorney who is paid as authorized under the Rules of The Bar and I have a strong passion and commitment to mental health, free resources, community, inclusion and authenticity.


Everyone in the State can access free mental health services and should check to be sure their provider is LICENSED to practice in the State of Florida and know the provider’s disciplinary history.


It is very important to check references and not rely on the advice of third parties who are not qualified to give referrals to mental health professionals. 


If you have a concern about a mental health provider or need to check a license status:

(Florida Board of Clinical Social Work Marriage & Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling)



Please contact me if I may be of service. My goal is to improve consumer transparency to avoid legal issues.